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Myers Construction is aware that the number one problem in the construction industry is poor communication. When information is passed form you to your salesman, and then through the estimator, materials handler, then onto the subcontractor, it can be miscommunicated, misinterpreted, or lost. That’s why at Myers Construction your salesman will discuss your vision with you and offer any incites or ideas and go over your options. He will be writing up your estimate, will be the foreman on the job, and will be responsible for ordering the materials and bringing the completion of the job in on time. That person will be your personal contact from start to finish. This is to ensure that every conversation that you have about your project is with the very person responsible for every aspect of the job. Any changes or obstacles that arise won’t have to be passed through four different people, were the idea is misinterpreted or delayed. Your representative will be in constant contact with any subcontractors, and suppliers to ensure that every one is on schedule and has the right products to complete your project. Myers Construction believes that this is the best way to take your project from inception to completion with the fewest amount of delays and without of losing your “vision.”

Another way Myers Construction ensures that the work remains top- notch and consistent is that all work is performed by employees of Myers Construction. Once you’ve agreed to work with Myers Construction your job will not be handed off to a third party subcontractor to complete all the work. Myers Construction does use subcontractors for electrical, heating and air conditioning, and plumbing as well as certain specialty items. The majority of the work will be performed by employees that have been trained by Myers Construction on all proper procedures and practices.

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